Welcome to Blue Moon Winery & Cider Worx

Welcome to Blue Moon Winery & Cider Worx

What We Do

 ​At Blue Moon Winery and Ciderworx we grow, gather and ferment the flavors of the land to offer you hand-crafted award winning spirited fruit wines and sparkling ciders. Our inspiration comes from the scrumptious organic fruits collected from Vancouver Island, the ancient history of the craft of fermentation and the lively traditions we now seek to revive. Our award winning fruit wines and ciders are crafted from 100% BC organic fruit, picked at the peak of the harvest and created in small batches. 

 What happens when you ferment an apple or a berry? We love finding out! Wine and Cider-making on the farm is a process of discovery - a combination of ecology, chemistry, alchemy, engineering, wishful thinking, old world wisdom, farm ingenuity and adventurous experimentation.   

 Next time you're looking for a dry to off-dry table wine or a nice dry sparkling cider to have with your meal, a refresher for the patio, or a dessert/aperitif wine to linger with - surprise yourself with a delicious fruit wine or a bottle of crisp apple cider from Blue Moon Farm Winery and Ciderworx.

Our wines and ciders are 100% fruit.  No concentrates, no water added.
Join us in a toast of possibilities! 

The Adventure

 The adventure began in 2004 when George slipped a real estate ad for an organic blueberry farm in the Comox Valley onto my desk. “Are you *&^% nuts?” I said as I crumbled it up and tossed it into the recycle bin. We had just moved from the high Arctic to a little farm on Salt Spring Island in 2000 where we had an apple orchard, sheep, chickens and Llamas.  I had a "little" garden in mind, certainly not 2,500 blueberry plants and a greenhouse operation!  After playing with the idea for about a week in my head, I suggested to George that we should go look at it.  His response was "Are YOU nuts"?  

 Because he had only shown it to me as something interesting, not because he wanted to move. As most men do for their partner, he humored me and we drove to look at the farm. 

In the center of a courtyard of grass, there sits the most magnificent big leaf maple and it certainly must be a magical tree because it imprinted itself in my mind.  For weeks I thought about this tree and saw it in my dreams. And as clichés go, the rest is history.  And yes it is true, I did think it would be a semi-retirement project. (I think I read the wrong manual on retirement.)  It is far from that!  It is a constant world of learning, experimenting, being fearless and at the end of the day, being tired to the core but falling into bed with a huge smile on your face.

It has been a massive learning curve and thirteen years of learning plant science and learning patience, and this year the winery will celebrate its lucky number 7 year of being open. We continue to create and evolve and last year we introduced a beautiful line of Organic Artisan ciders called Raven's Moon Cider and we have never looked back. Certainly a rewarding experience meeting the most incredible people along the path.  

Our History

 This year, we celebrate 9 years since the selling of our first wine and the opening of the Dining Room and 12 years of blueberry farming and  becoming a contributing member of our community and helping to feed the valley.     
There has always been a friendly rivalry between Planners and Engineers so after 24 years of marriage, we (a planner/landscape architect and an engineer) continue to embrace change, constantly adapting and shifting to where this brave new world takes us. 6 years ago, we bought a state of the art mobile apple press with some farmer friends of ours, that would allow us to blend our own apples and press for other farms.  We immediately became absorbed with apples and all things apple. George created his first still ciders 9 years ago.   

 George, comes from a Swiss family who made wine out of anything available and who followed this tradition and made all sort of liquid beverages in University, embarked on a path of passion and risk.  George took to the science and chemistry of wine.  Constantly interested in upping the game and growing as a sustainable producer, he studied with a Master Cider Maker Peter Mitchel in Oregon in 2013 and in 2014,  and consequently, we produced our first apple sparkling cider, Raven's Moon shortly thereafter.  June 2014 was the launch of our flagship Apple Raven's Moon Artisan Cider and we have not looked back. Since then, the demand has been amazing and we have since released  Asian Pear, Apple Pear, Apple Blackberry, Apple Raspberry, and our newest Bourbon infused Apple Cider called "Ragged Ass Road", and this one has taken our cider to a whole other level. This year, we will quadruple our production to meet the demand of our new raving cider fans and we have also expanded into the lower mainland with both wine and cider for all of our Vancouver friends. 

 We know how important great fruit is to the finished product so we are committed to organic and sustainable farming methods.  All of the fruit we use is hand-harvested, allowing us to choose only the very best fruit for our wines and ciders.  We love to create unique and exciting products and we try to let this come through in every bottle we produce. Life is really short and one should embrace the opportunity to do what you love to do.

Leave behind all of your preconceptions about fruit wine and ciders as you walk through our door.  You will be treated to our well crafted fruit wines and ciders in a unique experience in our intimate tasting room. All of our wines are lovingly crafted to be elegantly off-dry and always true to the fruit...never syrupy...and always 100% Blue Moon! 

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Blue Moon Winery & Cider Worx

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